Who are we?

We have over 40 years combined of expertise and experience in the creative industry meaning we can create videos that stand out.

Through our videos we always tell a story that will draw customers in so they can learn about a company or product. We know that it is crucial that a story is at the heart of what we produce and so we make sure every video tells a story to captivate the watcher.

One major factor that makes us stand out is that we have experience of working both in front of the camera as well as behind. This means we are able to advise and coach any of our clients who may wish to appear in their videos. We have the toolset to make people feel at ease as well as knowing how the technical side works.

Meet the team



    Rory is the creative power house behind M-Studios. Having graduated from film school so many years ago (we lost count) he then went on to work in media both in front of and behind the camera.

    He has many a story he can tell you about his time working for the BBC, on Strictly Come Dancing and the ‘One Show’…not to mention a few sporting escapades with work on the rugby premiership; horse racing at Cheltenham, Aintree and Ascot; and out on the track with the touring cars to name a few.

    Now Rory is filming and editing the videos making the most of his creative flare to bring to life each client’s project. Turning ideas from paper into beautiful videos you don’t forget.

  • Lizzie 1


    Lizzie is the other mastermind behind the project, having also come from a background in radio, voice-over and acting she has experience in front of and behind the camera… and microphone! God gave her a good speaking voice.

    She can tell you about life behind the scenes at the BBC and other fun radio stations such as Heart Fm and Free Radio.

    Now she is the other creative on tap helping to come up with stories for videos, writing scripts and helping clients to get the most out of their on-screen performance.

  • M Studios Harvey


    Harvey is an expert web designer and developer. He’s also a graphic designer with over 30 years experience. We don’t think he looks that old either.

    Harvey really knows how to get a message across, create a brand, design a logo, and develop a website that will stand out and above all, deliver. Oh, and he really knows his stuff when it comes to marketing and how to do it effectively.

    Harvey designed our website. He can help you as well. Just let us know how in our ‘Let’s Chat’ section below.

  • M Studios Sumner


    Sumner is one of the key players in the m-studios family. She is a source of joy and companionship to every client she meets. She helps to boost morale and bring a smile when needed. Life would be dull without this cheeky lady around!